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I was born a little later. 1946. But I did have the privelege of going without. No fault of my parents. They brought us up as well as they could. We had a roof over our heads and food to eat. Respect and responsibilities were set as we grew. And as far as being resourceful. When you don't have anything you do have to utilize what you do have. For play especially. TV didn't come into our family until 1958. We listened to music and radio shows. All of us had chores since age of 4 or 5. Sometimes I look back and think it wasn't that bad.

Today you have to look hard to find the 3 R's

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I personnally know that the last 2 jobs i had,were based on my appearance and the way i carried myself. i am not a beauty queen but i can hold my own. the reason i know thats why i got hired is....i knew absolutely nothing about those jobs...yes i eventually learned it but i knew nothing. and im almost 50. any get my point?

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Jeffrey H. Baer

Please--I can lose out on a job just by showing up for the interview.

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The writer, Jeff Lipschultz, did not do well in his first impression with me. Under "The Gut Feeling Bias," he used the wrong indefinite article "a" instead of "an." He wrote "interviewer relies on a intuitive feeling," which should have been stated as, "interviewer relies on an intuitive feeling."
Lesson: Using the wrong indefinite article may not get you hired if correct English is a job prerequisite.
How to deal: Use correct grammar.

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Sand Vipe 1

I'm White, Male and Poor. GET use to It!!!!!

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As someone who has done a good deal of interviewing, this is the type of over thinking that will keep you from getting a job! The worst thing you can do is over prepare and over analyze before you step into that room with your resume. My advice is be yourself, be confident and relax!

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Wow again, a CEO that refuses to do as the Board Directs him??
Maybe he isn't up to the challenge of prusuing the great Whitetail Buck from morning to night in the cold mountain air?
Or getting Rocky Mountain high at 4000' hanging on the side of a cliff? Put a country boy in the city, and he will own the place with common sense ideas and hard honest work, put a city boy in the country? and he will starve to death.
Any board that I sit on would teminate him as well.

June 16 2010 at 1:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hey how did you get that job???? You're not going to believe it. You know where my gets our dog groomed? NO! Well anyway the grooomer's dad is the CEO... GIVE ME A BREAK! Yep and he even gave me a promotion the first day, because he found out I love to hug trees.

This is the Real Crap today.

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Well I wouldn't want to waste your time now would I?

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This article uses many words to say absolutely nothing. A job interview is a crap shoot, and you have to crawl, fight, scrap, backstab, and lie to get yourself noticed.

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