Ten Top Secret Job Search Tips

One of the reasons why so many people get frustrated searching for a new job is that they spend all their time on the job boards. While posting for jobs online is one method of search, it's what everyone else is doing too. And it's hard to get noticed when you are one of hundreds of candidates vying for the same position. More people find their jobs through the hidden job market; the jobs that are not posted to the masses, but are uncovered through research and relationship building.

Here are some of the best kept secrets for finding those hidden jobs:

1. Eat.

No, I'm not talking about pity eating and downing a bag of chips and a pint of ice cream in front of the TV. But meeting a friend for coffee, a drink, or lunch is a great way to combine something pleasant and fun with some power networking. Meeting with friends keeps you top of mind and increases the likelihood of them recommending you to others.

2. Write.

Journaling is a great way to record how you are feeling during your search and examine the trends that could be indicators of what is working in your search and what is not. Some even turn their journals into blogs to create a following and make new friends and contacts as they chronicle their unemployment experience.

-- Looking for a new gig? Get salary info first.

3. Study.

Did you know that The Department of Labor funds job training programs? You may qualify for training in a specific skill or funding to return to school to complete a degree program. And an advanced degree or certification may make you more marketable in the long run.

4. Volunteer.

Find a cause you are passionate about and volunteer for a role that allows you to create visibility in front of the decision makers in this volunteer community. You never know who these people may know and what types of introductions they may be able to make for you. And volunteering helps you feel needed and reminds you of all you have to be grateful for. (See How Volunteering Landed Me a Job.)

5. Exercise.

Aerobic conditioning and weight workouts can help you feel better and burn calories more efficiently during the day. Pilates can help reduce the muscle aches often associated with hours of sitting at a desk hunched over a computer, and many people find that a regular yoga practice is a great way to reduce stress. Plus an exercise class or gym can serve as a great affinity group and connector to people who may be able to make valuable introductions for you.

6. Do Someone a Favor.

When you were working you probably didn't have the time to watch someone else's kids or pet or help someone with a home improvement project. Now that you have some free time, offer to help make someone's life easier. Your efforts will be remembered and that help may be reciprocated in the form of an important introduction or job lead.

7. Primp and Pamper.

This is not an indulgence. The little details like your hair and nails count during a job search. And it can be rejuvenating to get a new hairstyle or experiment with a new nail color.

8. Shop.

I'm not suggesting a totally new wardrobe. But a new scarf, tie, hair piece, or handkerchief can change up the interview suit you are tired of wearing and give you a renewed sense of confidence.

9. Read. Books by Harvey Mackay and Keith Ferrazi have provided inspiration for millions of job seekers over the years. Check out some of their titles at your local library.

10. Reconnect. Get over your concerns about reconnecting with past colleagues and friends. Social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook have made it fun, easy (and less creepy) to get back in touch with people from your past. Rekindle past relationships and you are bound to find a friend or two that can help you with some aspect of your search.

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I have done all what has been suggested excluding the shopping thing because I do not have the money because I do not have a job. I have been unemployed for seven (7) years. I am currently looking out of state for work and that is hard to land a job when you are hundreds of miles away. I am on so many job search sites and I feel like I am hitting a brick wall. I don't know that half the time these employers are even receiving my resumes. And to top that off, they use a software program that looks for certain words and if your resume does not have that, it is rejected whether you are qualified or not. I am tired of the suggested ways to get hired, along with the millions out of work, I need a job, not just want one I need one.

December 26 2010 at 12:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

We need FREAKIN Jobs Career Builder, why don't you write about that. Stop repeating resume tips, interview tips, how-to's, laundry list of how tooos, we are all past that. It was soo last year ago. Now, in the present, find jobs with employers who are ready to hire. Home Depot, why don't you do a job how two on what they are looking for. Start matching employer/employee.

Geez are you people that stuck in your office chairs

May 14 2010 at 11:06 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm willing to work to eat and feed my family, I've worked temps positions in every thing from a bank vault to factories and being a patient sitter so the patient doesn't jump out the window. Got hired a quite a few times. Getting paid to donate Plasma will help out in a pinch for a bit, but don't do it too long, just might not be too healthy.
Having a family is a great motivator to work and feed your family
I appreciate the job I got know, but always keep my resume updated

May 13 2010 at 9:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

All of the advice is great, but finding a job right now is about as easy as winning the lottery. I have done EVERYTHING I can think of, but still no interviews. Job boards, networking, company websites, all kinds of things. The one thing I haven't tried is a job fair. I went to two of them and the line to get in was all around the building. Depressing.

May 13 2010 at 8:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Ralph Vitello

Letter of Introduction

Please allow me to introduce myself

If you are genuinely seeking an outstanding, proactive, experienced, enthusiastic, motivated, goal oriented, successful Construction Professional.
with an education in Civil Engineering and a B.A. in Construction Management
I believe my credentials and experience would enable me to successfully fulfill any position I am qualified for in the construction industry

I possess an exceptionally competitive edge in today’s demanding market having successfully persevered through a previous depressed economy consistent with our current challenging work environment.

I am confident I would be an extraordinary candidate with an exemplary work ethic.
Experienced and prepared to bring together and utilize the resources required for the overall success of any project, while remaining cognizant of the budget constraints, safety and schedule exclusive of sacrificing the integrity of the project.

I have extensive experience in all aspects and phases related to the construction industry. I regard myself to be a veteran troubleshooter and possess strong leadership abilities. I am willing to travel, multi task and supervise multiple sites.

In my extensive and diversified experience there has yet to be a project to large or to small however challenging professionally, I was unable to successfully complete.

I aspire to utilize my education in conjunction with my wide ranging and diversified background in the construction industry, to establish a long term relationship and attain the personal fulfillment of a creative, challenging and rewarding future.

I assure you our meeting will be mutually rewarding.

Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism

Very truly yours,

Ralph Vitello

May 13 2010 at 8:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i am married to a guy, that did NONE of those things.
i got a fulltime job when he lost his job, did the housecleaning, laundry mowed the lawn, paid the bills, i have to give him credit though, he did cook dinner and i cleaned after dinner and made him desseret after a 10 hour day. He got me well trained when i tried to ask him to do anything he said, im changing my resume for this or that job....and i backed off and did what needed to be done. Today...im debating if i want to stay married, i am tired, resentful and very hurt, I feel very used.

May 13 2010 at 8:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I've done all this.. here is the problem, (from my journalistic take) - Big CEO's like their money, so they either outsource the positions to companies overseas who pay their workers slave labor wages, no environmental concerns, no OSHA, no affirmative action, no healthcare, or (and the corp farms and some big box stores do this) import their workers to do the work. Since the tempy employees are green card (or not) the win that way too, cause the green card employee is not going to make the waves & complain like a Social Security card carrying employee will. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$

May 13 2010 at 2:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to JoAnn's comment

I have 2 sure fire ways to score the job of your dreams.
1) Hire an expensive call girl to meet your future boss at his favorite bar and then take pictures to black mail him into hiring you. If it's a she-
2) Have another employer hire the person whose job you want at an extremely high salary and than take their job. Then the other employer can fire the person whose job you took leaving that person in the lurch. BRAHAHA!!!

May 13 2010 at 9:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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