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Mike Veax

See how I have been going after my dangerous Bully Boss.
You have to hit these bully boss office tools really hard, to make a difference sometimes.
I am pretty sure I have made it difficult to continue his 22 year career as a bully boss. His has been though 3 jobs since I started after him. He's working, but I doubt he has the nuts to abuse and bully for the time being. Cause he knows I keep tabs on him. Yes I have been threatened with legal action. It's Always bogus and stupid and no one has followed though. I have done my research and endeavor to stay within the law. More than I can say about my old bully boss. Oh, his name is Rommel Bradley and he works at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness,
They know I am doing this, and have threatened me with legal action. So be it. But I doubt they have a case. I have been nothing but honest, and have documentation. They do have a disingenuous dangerous bully boss working there. Rommel Bradley and he has been an evil man. I make my case:

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Loki Focus

post bad bosses info and let's raid there Facebook and give bad reviews **** those ********!!!!!!!!

August 22 2015 at 5:04 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply
Loki Focus

my ex boss Steve @abc liquor lansing on facebook refused to pay me my last check because I quit cuz he wouldn't give me a schedule and wanted me to be on call for 8.15 a liquor..please help by giving 1 star reviews on the facebook page or call him and tell him to pay his employees..517-580-4839.hope someone helps!!

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Brooke Mann

Lori chilcutt is a conniving back stabber. Anyone who works with her, watch your back

November 18 2014 at 2:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Robert Gadol

I worked for pizza point in Miami shores on and off for the last10 years, I should have seen this coming, the more favors for the boss owner ashwani kumar the more hours you receive as a pizza delivery driver, after losing my job as a Chinese food driver, because my eyesight started to go bad due to retinitis, mr kumar rehired me, I informed him of my eyes and he suggested I just worked daytime, I went to the eye hospital were I was told I could not drive until my eyesight got better, during this time I repainted the outside building of pizza point, redid the garden outside pizza point, after my eyesight returned I was given 3 1/2 days of work as a driver, still giving of fixing and repairing most everytning at pizza point, bleaching the sidewalk, trying to remove the odor of the urinal in the mens room, cementing and sloping the rear of the building, repainting the blacktop in the parking lot and putting the dividing lines between the parking places, buying potted plants to beautifying the dining room, fixing and repairing the kitchen sink, and working a full week, these are 12hour shifts 11-11 after one of the drivers quit, mr kumar hired two new drivers told me to take a few days off, 2 is a couple 3 is a few on my 3rd day i received a text message on my phone "thanks for every thing I need you no more" I don't know who is the bigger A.. hole me or mr kumar

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Tawana Smith Edgars

The bosses at American Resale Thrift Store in Alabama are just about the worst I've ever had the sorry priviledge of coming in contact with. The stores aren't actually actually charitable organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. America's Thrift Store is a For Profit Thrift Store and they give a very small amount to their ministries (Kings Ranch and Hannah's Home). The bosses really crack the whip and they make their employees feel like they're low down dirty dogs. They'd carry around whips and whoopin' belts if they could get away with it. They want their workers to work like they've got eight arms and the speed of an automated assembly line. It's crazy. No worker stays more than a couple of months since they get so tired of being berated and put down constantly.

April 21 2013 at 2:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My boss is very power happy I work at a assisted living and she is the worse boss I have ever had she treats her staff like they are below her feet she is very hateful to very one a staff member took some boxes home and just because someone else wanted them she made the staff member bring them back my god they were boxes she goes against the state laws real bad i hate this woman all she does is sit in her chair and drink pepsi and eats chocolate candy she as big as a farm she just isn't a very nice person.

August 18 2010 at 8:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Where I work the manipulative girl who is a thief to booth somehow won over the boss and was given an assistant manager over us. She hates him but in front of him smiles and purrs. In the meantime the one who works hardest is not recognized.

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Christy H

Every day I see hear and am a part of inadequate management. I see incompetant mangers treat their employees terribly and make rash decisions based on bull just so they won't have to deal with the real issues and problems -too much work effort. I have also been punished, and retaliated for being dedicated and honest and hard working. All by people who sit at their desks on the phone all day laughing and joking away while I am in a non airconditioned area swelting through 90 plus degrees to 103 and higher degrees and in the winter colder than 40 degrees. And yes I understand! We have created self centered manipulative self focused people by giving our children everything not letting them understand the need to work for it, earn it and no they just aren't entitled to everything contrary to popular belief! I have worked many jobs sometimes 2 1/2 for periods to get all my bills paid and keep everything together. SOme of these people have had everything handed to them and get everything they want whenever they want. THATS the problem! Values, respect, and regard for others and responsibilities MUST be taught and learned during childhood by responsible caring parents! And CAring, responsible teachers and social structures. If this is not done by the time a person reaches13 or 13 well they have already been indocterinated into manipulation, evil, sneaky self centered tricks and behavior patterns! My ex's son was an expert at manipulation, deviousness and self centeredness! No one was safe or immmune either!

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Thank you for this opportunity to vent. I worked for a very large grocery chain as a cashier. I worked there for two years. I never took time off, always came in at a moments notice when someone called off, and was never late.
I requested my earned vacation and management lost my request, so I came in to work because I was on the schedule. I submitted another form for the following week. I later learned that I needed to give two weeks notice for vacation requests. I had given 12 days. Well, on the day that I was
supposed to be on vacation but came in to work, my husband was going for a blood test. While at work, a woman customer swindled me out of $10. The customer behind her said, "if I didn't know better, I'd think you're running $5's on her." She was. I didn't catch it. The very next day, I was brought in and fired. I explained that I had a life and death situation at home. I said that I would need to continue my benefits. I came home fired and my husband's test results came back. He had cancer. I lost my husband and my job in the same month. He died due to pancreatic cancer 23 days after my termination. They also took away my earned vacation pay.


Now, I will vent! The person managing the store should not be at this store, as the person is racist. I saw the person go back into their office and MIMIC the customer complaining.

When my husband told the person in charge of the union that he had cancer, the person said that he would be prayed for.
Is that what I was paying union dues for?

They have decided to keep as employees; one in the cash office, and the other a manager, who discussed, in my presence selling, buying, and use of an illegal substance. This person has had pot parties with other employees.
I know it is hearsay, but I'm repeating what I heard from several sources. I'm not a prude but I do not believe the workplace should be used to transact illegal substances.

On Christmas Eve, I worked my shift on a cement floor. (Everyone else had a pad.) Rain was dripping from the ceiling on customers and myself. The person in charge checked it and decided that it was negligible. My knee started bothering me after that day.

Last, but not least,in two separate incidents, I was asked to spank a manager in the cash office, and jokingly? asked by a woman manager to go home with her.

p.s. I changed my name because I am afraid of a lawsuit!

In conclusion, big business has no heart any more. I should have been allowed to take off time

July 15 2010 at 10:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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