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hire this guyIt was welcome news that employers added 290,000 jobs to payrolls in April. Yet, at the same time, more than 800,000 out-of-work Americans jumped back into job search mode, which caused the unemployment rate to inch closer to 10 percent. That means even more competition for people like Randy.

This morning on ABC's Good Morning America I reported on the new trend of gigonomics, a term coined by Tina Brown to reflect the growing number of people taking on multiple jobs-known as gigs, to create the career that works for them.

And that's exactly what Randy is doing.

Sure, he'd prefer one steady, stable position working for one dynamic employer. Many people who find themselves out of work want the same. But after pounding the pavement and discovering that's just not happening, isn't it better to take small projects and short-term assignments as you can find them?

My segment featured a Spokane, Washington mom who juggles four gigs: she works for Senior Helpers as a caregiver, popping in four to six times a day at the home of a 91-year-old man, preparing meals, taking him to appointments and assuring he's ok; she spends three hours a day as an administrative assistant; she sells on eBay; and she assists with her husband's computer parts company. Her husband not only runs that online company in the evenings, but his days are filled selling women's shoe at a popular retailer, managing a pro gold shop, and performing handyman work for local residents.

While that pace may sound dizzying to outsider, to this family-and thousands like them-it's organized chaos. They're highly organized and disciplined and it works.

Start where Randy did: with a thorough skills assessment. Write down everything you know how to do, even if you've never been paid to do it. (For example, Randy has a temporary Census job now, which has no connection to his camera work, but it's something he's perfectly capable of doing.) Then plug in those words to the big job boards using phrases like short term, part time, freelance and project assignment. Let your network know that you're available for such work. It takes time and commitment to build, but if you can handle the crazy schedule, it often moves faster than finding fulltime work.

Given age bias and the limited number of staff jobs for cameramen, Randy has all but given his quest for one perfect job. He's settled-happily-on searching for that slew of small jobs. And for now, for him, the juggle works.

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Rock Hill home care

Very inspiring, I guess we all can be successful in finding the perfect job for us or a business that we best excel.


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Rock Hill home care

Very inspiring, I guess we all can be successful in finding the perfect job for us or a business that we best excel.

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All of the above are excellent comments and to sum it up really applies to the problem depending on the individual needs. Some have great suggestion that will make your head spin because although it works not everybody are entitled to be on the same field. Majority of the white collar workforce acquired higher education during their college years and had spent hundred of thousands of dollars to earn it. I am sure most wouldn't downsize their profession overnight. Some will call them people with pride but in some cases some will call them yuppies or use the perfect idiom "people born with the silver spoon." Bottom line you can't teach new tricks to the top dog who had fetch the prime rib first. And bottom line economic downturn has no barrier rich and poor, young and old, well educated and dropouts can just be the same a victim of the changing economy. What do we do fire the people who had put us here in the first place and fire the ones who is against unemployment extension Tier 5.

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All i can say is that i am on disability for depression and i plan to stay on it for as long as i can. I am 40 and i feel there is no point to even trying to look for a job. I don't want to work for some millionaire comapny owner, I want to BE the millionaire company owner. I figure my life has gone nowhere and is going to go nowhere. I just think of suicide.

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I'm stunned and amazed. There are really people that believe the Finger-Pointer-In-Chief can do something right that will some how magically get rid of their problems. Hope and Change is actually spelled Hoax and Chains.

All of you 50+ old folks that look back on the dream of a job that you dedicate your life to and then retire comfortably and live happily ever after.....those days are gone. The silver lining to this dark cloud is that your best days are still ahead of you if you want them to be. Along with being the age that seems like a curse, you have wisdom and knowledge that can't be replaced without time and experience.

I know that it's hard to consider and understand all of the buzz words; "think out of the box", "reinvent yourself", "be your own boss", etc, but to a certain extent this thought process is necessary. It is possible to take the skills you have honed over the years and learn how to apply them in new areas.

There are some requirements to be successful and secure in these uncertain times. As stated by an earlier writer, you must be computer savy. If you don't own one go to your local library and learn how to use one. Go take a class at a Community College or adult education facility. Don't let your pride stand in the way of making changes that will be good for you and maybe even fun.

Also stated earlier; find a way to help. Start by volunteering your time to help someone younger learn a trade or skill. Go build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Go on a missions trip with your church. You have the time and these types of things will change your thought process and generate new ideas.

Let's be real here, we are all going to work for a lot longer than we thought we would, but it doesn't have to be bad. You're going to work for a lot less than you used to make when you start something new, but it will build and increase.

Who am I and why does my opinion matter? I'm a 57 yr. old general contractor with a high school education. After doing good work and leaving nothing but happy clients for the past twenty five years, everything dried up and I couldn't find a fence to build or a door to hang. Last August I found an interesting "green technology" product that is truly beneficial to the people that use it. I never thought of myself as a salesman but this product is something I understand and believe in. I don't sell this product, I educate people about it and show how it will help them in their business and / or personal life. Since starting this new process I have earned almost no income, but it's building and going to work well. I've also learned about other new technology that lends itself to being combined with my original product. I started a sales company that represents green technology products that meet certain strict criteria; 1 - the product must save people money. 2 - the return on investment must be short when compared to other products or services in the same field. 3 - the product cannot have a negative impact on the environment.

Guess what, it's working for me and you can do it too.

June 15 2010 at 3:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Phyllis Wilbanks

Nobody wants to hire you if you are sixty, I was a legal secretary last job I had and every time I went on an interview I could read the attorney's thoughts before I left the room. Age discrimination is rampant signs of the times.

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I would just like to say that my mom is in the same boat as a lot of you and she is 54. Please keep your head high and know that it has to get better. It couldn't possibly be any worse. I am praying for you all to find work so you can take care of your families.

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I have 3 college degrees, a Masters Degree and great recommendations. Who wants to hire a 60 yeard old?

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Steve Larabie

Thks for the reply but I knew when I voted for Obama that change would take time, just didn't think that it would be this long in coming. So we will just have to suck it up for now and see what He can do. What is a few more months when you are up shit creek already?


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I could've been working 6 months ago, but the owner of M.W.Trucking Inc. of Kaukauna,Wi. has been lying to prospective employers about the reason for my dismissal.
Now I'm just another unemployment statisitic due to his inability to tell the truth. He even lied under oath to the Judge during my unemployment hearing.

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2 replies to Jalapeno's comment

Jalapeno, not sure what state you reside in, but in most places, it's against the law for your former employer to slander you. There are specific questions that can be asked/answered when HR is obtaining job verifications. At the very least, he should be stating "no comment". I would suggest that you have a friend make an anonymous phone call to the employer, asking verification questions. If the employer makes a defamatory comment, you need to contact an attorney. I did this myself after being unemployed for a year and having concerns that my former employer was doing this to me. By the time I decided to do my investigation, they were responding appropriately, but I'm fairly certain it cost me several jobs early on in my job search. Don't wait too long before doing this - it's vital to your future employment.

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Dave Mayo

To all those who are lookng for employment, it is six inches away between your ears. You must think and realize the boss does not need YOU. I am sure you have notice that having a job is usually a short temporary thing. As soon as you get hired, someone who will work for less can replace you. The boss that hired you still has a stack of resumes they can call to replace you.

Resumes are entries into a lottery. Everyone has a computer and sends their resume, even if they are working or not qualified for the job. They know it is only a matter of time (about the time you get brave enough to ask for a raise or you suggest to the employer that you are getting burn out with the work load) that the employer will remove you and plug in your replacement. Remember the employer has a stack of resumes he did not hire...NEXT!

You should use the time you are temporarily employed to build your own secure income source. Something that is in demand and, unless you do not like yourself, can not fire yourself should be your goal. This income source should provide you with a reward for your efforts in direct proportion to the value you create. If you are not working, you have all the time you need to take positive steps to improve your future. If you are working, do not give up your day job. You will not be an overnight milionaire. You should have moments you can give when the opportunity arises and let the web site take care of the part you get unbelievable support with.

It is "not too good to be true". You are not going to be a millionaire overnight. You will get support from people who are rewarded for helping you. You do not need a load of money or special knowledge to initiate the process of developing your income source. You will develop valuable skills as you are educated by real life circumstances. Hopefully you will get that information without experiencing the negative situations yourself.

The concept is older than pilgrims that found themselves unable to survive individually but found they could not only survive but sustain themselves as a group. That concept has evolved into the free enterprise system this country is founded upon. Everyone can and should be able to direct their destiny.

Those who do the same thing will continue to get the same thing unless the boss fires you. Then you can send out resumes day after day everyone else does. Maybe this will be your lucky day.

Your resume will be picked and read by a human instead of a scanner. You go to interviews. You may get a job that you will settle for but will keep on looking if you are lucky to get a job.

The job will not be as good as your previous job, no one is giving the benefits anymore unless you own the company. You must be realistic, you will not find the job that an employer will keep you on the payroll until you are 65, pay your medical bills and give you a gold watch when you retire. You will get the same results, disappointment.

May I suggest that you take a look at an alternative. Let me make it hard to say no. You can e-mail me at Mayoaid@aol.com. I selected that name because I found aiding people is so much better than taking advantage of people. The group that I am with found that you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

All you risk, for the first 90 days, is your time. There is a multi-billion dollar company that has needed and supported independent contractors since 1959. Today this company is one of the top 25 companies on the Forbes list of privately owned companies in the United States. This company is welcomed in over 89 countries and aided in improving the economic situations for millions of entrepreneurs world wide. No, I am not the owner of this company, I am an independent contractor and I give my value to this company for the rewards they give.

At the end of 90 days of learning about the business from qualified team of business associates who also operate their independent businesses, you can continue to build your future. As an independent contractor, you are the owner of your own business that gives value to a person or business for a reward. You are not really independent, the support does not stop. If you need assistance you will be given business consultation you can not afford to pay for, and it is FREE.

If you choose to walk away at any time before 90 days you get a refund of the very small registration fee you paid to connect yourself to this opportunity. That small registration fee gives you business services and rights to operate and suppliers of quality services and merchandise. 24-hour online business services. 18 hour a day connection to live customer services. As a novice you will not realize what you need, but that support is all there year after year for less than the initial registration fee, under $100 a year.
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