A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Michelle Schooley has always had a slight obsession with teeth, due to having teeth problems throughout her life. So when a friend raved about how much she loved being a dental assistant, that was all the motivation Michelle needed to enroll in a dental-assisting program during her senior year in high school. She completed the technical program and started her career as a certified dental assistant in 1996.

Michelle soon discovered that being a dental assistant was very busy and demanding work, and she loved it. Her favorite part of the job is the lack of monotony: "There's always a different tooth, a different patient. You have the same procedures, but it's always a different task," she said.

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A typical day

The dental assistant begins each day arriving at work about 30 to 45 minutes early, to stock and prep everything for the day. Dental assistants must make sure that each room is prepared, and that charts, X-rays, and necessary procedural materials, such as bonding agents, are ready. Michelle says there are about 20 things to prepare for each patient and procedure, including bringing the patient to the room, seating them, and putting on their bib. These steps have to be repeated for every patient throughout the day, and oftentimes there are multiple patients being seen simultaneously in different rooms.

Once the room is prepared and the patient is seated, the dental assistant has to inform the dentist that the patient is ready. The assistant then helps the dentist through each step of the procedure. Dental assistants hold the patient's tongue and cheeks back while the dentist works. They rinse the patient's mouth and suction out extra saliva. They provide the dentist with materials as needed. And they help record notes on the patient's chart. Afterward, they have to clean the room and get ready for the next patient.

In addition to preparing for and assisting with procedures, dental assistants often help the front desk staff by calling patients to confirm appointments. They even help send out those friendly reminder cards that we all get in the mail every six months. Dental assistants also help the dental hygienists with developing X-rays and bringing them clean instruments. In fact, dental assistants are responsible for sterilizing instruments for the entire office. They also have to order supplies and make sure the office is fully stocked.

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Always on the go

Needless to say, it's never a dull day in the office. Michelle says that dental assistants rarely sit down. "In school they teach you to sit down," she said, "but you always have to run around and do things for the doctor, so it's just easier to stay standing." Though she enjoys the constant motion of the job, she does admit it can get stressful running around and doing five things at a time all day long.

And then there are the crazy stories. Michelle said she once caught a teenager who was trying to increase his intake on the nitrous oxide tank. She also has seen older dental assistants who were not wearing any gloves. Of course, Michelle properly addressed these situations, being the professional that she is.

Michelle loves the dental care field so much that she recently became a registered dental hygienist. However, she still wears the dental assistant hat sometimes, too. The duties of a dental assistant let her stay busy, while also allowing her to fulfill that long-time obsession with teeth!

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I have been in the dental field for 28 yrs... Each dentist is different and there is no set hourly wage. Specialist do pay more than a general dentist .. Depends on the dentist, patient workload, and duties .. I am sure your instructure can lead you in the right direction.... Good luck, Molly !

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I am in school right now for Dental Assisting. I go to my clinicals in July and graduate in October. Any thoughts on what I should ask for as far as pay just starting out? I'm in Ohio.

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I have had to change dentists SEVERAL TIMES due to their lying.
My brother has had to also. THEY GET YOUR CONFIDENCE AND THEN THE LIES START, You come come in and they start telling him he has decay.



I TOOK TOOTHPASTE, TOOTHBRUSH, FLOSS TO WORK, AND still I had decay -- he was a lying piece of crap along with the otherz!!

April 22 2010 at 1:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


He was our dentist for DECADES!!

April 22 2010 at 1:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Denise, I got a SECOND-OPINION, what does that tell you?

Their liars, Please don't defend them.

AND no, of course not, I was not shown the x-ray!
I flossed & brushed often, I thought I would hear, how well my mouth looked to them, but no. I got my first cavaty after my braces were taken off at the age of 15. I took care of my mouth. I no longer trust dentists, I'm afraid of them, they scare me. They are not friendly at all.

I needed a mouth gaurd for grinding so I asked him for the r-rays to take them to the doc that was making it, the stupid dentist then said to me, "Well, I could make U one" The piece crap didn't see that could have been $$ in his pocket and never gave me the better service till I brought it up!!

They are just so ready to tell you, you have decay.

I hate them all & they scare me!!

They do this to my brother also. He lies that he has no insurance so they will stop houndiing him for them to do other things. He pays cash. He later told them he had ins, he paid cash, BUT THE DENTIST ALSO CHARGED HIS INSURANCE, WHAT A RAT.

I've discovered A LOT OF DENTISTS ARE RATS & LIARS. WE keep having to change becuz they lie to us telling us we have decay AND WE DON'T.

I want to expose them all. The process is unfair.

I got a form from the ADA. It asks if I tried to settle this with them. HOW DO YOU SETTLE WHEN THEY ALREADY FILLED YOUR TEETH. I didn't trust them to go ahead with it. I was in school and worked full time -- I had 18 hr days till I went to bed!

When I did have a problem, he wasn't good at finding it & made me feel like I was crazy. He finally figured out the problem. I pointed out which tooth hurt -- he said I grinded the tooth down and took care of that.

EVERY TIME, I go in, the cap NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. They R always finding ways to get $$$ outa ppl, Their all RATS!!

The RAT, told his lady help to prep me, WITHOUT TALKING TO ME, FIRST. That is the day i came in & decided beforehand that he was going to do NO MORE DRILLING ON ME!!




April 22 2010 at 1:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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