Laid Off Versus Getting Fired When Collecting Unemployment Benefits

Whether you're laid off or fired, the pain of getting let go from a job carries the same weight. But the unemployment relief you can receive afterward differs.

The money used to fund unemployment benefits comes from a federal unemployment insurance tax that employers pay into. There are legal differences between getting fired and laid off in regards to unemployment benefits.

When an employee is terminated involuntarily and the conditions surrounding their termination was due to budgetary reasons and no fault of their own, they are eligible to receive unemployment benefits. But, if a worker is fired because of misconduct or poor job performance, usually they do not qualify for unemployment benefits. However, some state unemployment agencies allow workers who were involuntarily let go to voice their claim in collecting unemployment compensation - even if the employer fired them.

When a laid off worker is granted unemployment benefits, on average the weekly payment is 36 percent of their weekly wage. In most states, the benefits usually last for about 26 weeks unless an extension is granted.

To learn if you qualify for benefits following an involuntary termination, contact your state unemployment office.

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I had worked for the largest retail chain in the world for close to twenty yearsIn a period of three monthsilost two brothers and my son to death and was on the verge of a nervious break down due to these deaths.My physican took me out of work and the doctor sent the paper work for me to be out of work but Members of managment didn't put the information in the system that was required for my leave of absence this caused me to be terminated.After letters were written and sent to the home office i was given my job back.My job was never pleasant again.After that incidenti had a fire at my house and i needed time away from my job and asked for a leave which was granted when i found out that it was going to take longer to make the repairs from the fire i called my store manager and asked for an extension he told me that he didn't have authority to approve the extension but if i had vacation time available i could take that time off.I did this,and when i went in to pick up my paycheck i was handed my termination papers saying i was a no call/no show for three days.But i still had three days vacation left at this time and then was refused unemployment benefits.

June 01 2010 at 3:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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