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I am NOT saying that there aren't companies out there who are unscrupulous or even who operate illegally. Sadly, there are. This article implied, to me, that ALL UC claiims will come under fire and THAT is not true. Most people will not be affected by this. If you have an issue of discrimination at you former employer, there are venues for you to utilize to investigate your allegations. Contact the EEOC, as a starting point, and tell them your story. If there is merit to it, while it may take some time, they will investigate it.

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Since when does ANY state in the union "help" the unemployed? Every state in this country is FOR THE EMPLOYER and NOT the employee.

April 12 2010 at 5:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bring back the "Pink Slip" system. Once you are laid off, your employer must give you notice (Pink Slip) which will be the only thing you will need to collect your unemploymentg benefits.

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Well written article and a great warning to all. Thanks.

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I have been out of work for a year, approaching 60, but with several
outstanding degrees, I now have a legitimate gig earning 800/day
working for myself in a Fortune 500 corporation. These get rich schemes
prey upon the desperate and foolish. Many years ago, I went to night
school for 7 years. Now I joust with workers half my age, because
I love to learn and will continue to be challenged. America is for the
resourceful and diligent. My daughter lives in the NYC co-op I paid off 30 years ago, so no banker can chase after her.

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I lost my job three months ago and didn't know what to do. After a frustrating and discouraging job search, I decided to start my own home business. Instead of clicking on some spam website, I decided to truly provide a product that people want: hos! That's right, I became a pimp! The working conditions are great and I make incredible profits providing a product for people who would otherwise not find any physical affection on their own.

Pimpin' has changed my life forever!

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What did one hooker say to the other hooker? "Can you lend me $20 bux till I get back on my back again?" Just tryin to lighten the moment.

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You people do realize that you're hurling insults at a computer right? This same message shows up on every article under a different name. Arguing with a word/name generator program = fail.

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I lost my job about three months ago and wasn't about to look for another job! We sent the three kids to livewith their Aunt Hilda. We had a mortgage to pay but when I ran into a buddy he offered to let sleep in his shed.

Now I'm not making any money but I'm loving getting those welfare checks every month!

Try it my way and I guarantee that you will be living better than ever!

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Must be reading this on the SPAM network, I mean AOL.

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I'm not confused by the article, but the ending made me wonder. Who the hell is Betty Davis? Is she any relation to Bette Davis, the fine American film actress who made a remark about seat belts in the film "All About Eve"? Nah, probably not. Davis is a common surname.

April 12 2010 at 1:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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