Mayor Bloomburg Gets Real About Jobs

Mayor Bloomberg got real with New Yorkers who are suffering from the high unemployment rates. His answer to the budget cuts and job cuts that have hit his city is called Job Hunt, a reality television show that answers the key question: "You lost your job, now what?" which is also the title of the premiere episode.

Job Hunt premiered on Tuesday, February 2nd, on the New York City Life Channel. This 10-part series will be hosted by Tory Johnson, founder and CEO of Women For Hire, and will, according to the NYC government website, teach people: "how to navigate today's job market, get the skills you need, and find the right job for you. Watch real New Yorkers as they experience the triumphs and difficulties of searching for work, changing their careers, and finding the job that is right for them."

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City Budget Cuts Threaten 18,000 Plus

Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson have always bumped heads over the issue of the budget in their beloved state. Paterson's $134 billion budget includes plans to cut $328 million in funding from the city, leaving Mayor Bloomberg with no other option than to cut 18,500 jobs-8,500 teachers; 3,150 law enforcement officers; and 1,050 firefighters will be among the groups hit the hardest of all.

Bloomberg told Paterson that these reductions in city funding would lead to half as many street cleanings, half as many trash pick-ups, and reduced curb side trash collection. Bloomberg asked for a fair deal for the City and told the New York Times that "In good times and bad times, one governor after another has been all too willing to raid New York City's portion of state aid.

Paterson's reply to Bloomberg was that although Bloomberg does not want to make these cuts they are a budget necessity for the state, which cannot afford to raise taxes anymore for fear that more people will leave the city for good.

Other areas that will suffer from the budget cuts will be 500 soup kitchens and 15 senior centers.

The Hostess With the Most-est

With Tory Johnson in the host seat, Bloomberg and New Yorkers alike are hoping for a win-win situation from this reality show. Once deemed the "raise fairy godmother," by Glamour Magazine, Johnson is the only producer of high end and high caliber events for women. Speaker, author, and seasoned corporate communication guru, Johnson offers her workplace insight on Good Morning America and the Home Work show on ABC News Now.

Episode Two

The topics for future episodes have already been selected, so if you missed the first episode of Job Hunt, tune in next week (Tuesday, February 9th) to see "Why Would They Hire Me If They Can't Find Me On Google?: Using New Technology To Get A Job."

Bloomberg's city is not the first to be hit by budget cuts, and probably won't be the last either, but New York City's Mayor has to be the first to pioneer such a creative technique for increasing employment in his town-you can't blame a guy for trying, right?

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Gwen Parkes

Gwen Parkes


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