Sex Offender Lands a Job in New York City

The national unemployment rate is 10 percent and last summer it was statistically more difficult to get a job at Applebees than it was to be accepted to the fall freshman class at Harvard. So it was hard to believe that a registered sex offender was able to snag a job as a superintendent managing three buildings on Manhattan's upper west side. Yes, a convicted child molester is in the neighborhood and he's holding the keys to many people's apartments. And some tenants have already complained that he has made inappropriate remarks to them.

Sure, bad hiring decisions happen every day, but this is extreme to say the least. Generally hiring managers look for red flags in a candidate's background to determine fit, predict future performance, and assess any potential liability. I guess the hiring manager for this position never asked this guy what was his biggest weakness.

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Great, Its really nice how sex offenders like this screw it up for the rest of us who are trying to do well. But then again, it makes it even worse when people who write articles like this are so BIASED. Not all of us sex offenders molest children, hell some sex offenders never even raped anyone. Real Nice, and great article a$$hole. Ya know if you really wanna make a POSITIVE difference why don't you try and provide some type of POSITIVE support for a change, instead of pushing the BIASED opinion that all sex offenders are bad.
All I hear about is the NEGATIVITY, it really makes it tough for the sex offender TRYING TO REFORM HIS LIFE. It's people like this that PROVIDE absolutely no POSITIVE SOLUTIONS, just more NEGATIVE BULL$hit. It makes me wonder why I'M EVEN TRYING TO GET MY COLLEGE DEGREE. Thanks so much to all the masses that are completely ignorant and provide no answers to this problem. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE, SEX OFFENDERS ARE RELEASED FROM INCARCERATION, and they DO NEED LIVE JUST AS YOU DO. This problem is here to stay, so find some PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, instead of discrediting ALL OF US like we are scum of the earth. Well, looks like we have a new modern day leper.

February 16 2010 at 10:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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Bobby Saraceno

Biased? OK "I raped my girlfriend", What the hell is she supposed to say, "I feel so bad for those sex offenders who are trying to get their lives together, even though they....rape women and ...molest children..encourage the sex trafficking of women and children, and ruin their victims lives". That's why we have laws to keep people like you away from society. Let me tell you something pal, the fact that you are even on the internet is scary enough, but you have the audacity to comment on an article - like your a victim - is ENRAGING to people who have to contend with the likes of you on a daily basis. So shut up, keep your head down, and be ashamed for what you've done. You shouldn't even be talking, you should be contemplating what a terrible thing you did, how you ruined the life of your victim and how you're at fault for ruining your own life. Your not a victim - your a predator.

March 20 2010 at 2:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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