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I would just like to set the record straight... The job is Physician Assistant, not physicians assistant. It's not meant to be possessive. Although PA's work under a supervising physician, they are not owned by them. There may be some that don't mind that faux pas, but I would rather stand up for it....

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You are too right. People who do not work in the field have no idea what a difficult job this is. For any one FULL TIME position there are probably 200 applicants. For a full time tenure track position (the only type with any security) probably double that.

I spent many years as an adjunct before becoming tenure track then tenured. Approximate hourly wage as an adjunct-$9.00. That's right, nine dollars an hour. Those faculty lucky enough to land a tenure track position still aren't secure-only about 1 in 3 tenure track faculty members actually get tenure.

As for the 'only 4 part times days'-where does this happen? We work early mornings, late nights and in little spaces of time preparing for classes. If we have to publish (and you won't get tenure without publishing)-expect all nighters.

Whoever thinks college professors 'work' part time clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

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College Professor! That's a laugh. There are no jobs available for professors these days, unless you count being an adjunct, which pays nothing and offers no benefits. Tenure-track positions at colleges comprise about 27% of the actual workers, and tenure-track positions are down about 35% since last year, and continue to diminish as universities continue to rely on part-time "slave" labor in order to save money. In theory it is a good job, if you can actually get one! If you're thinking of spending an enormous amount of time and energy to become a college professor, you may want to reconsider. It's a pretty dismal situation. I know this because I am currently looking for a position, and it's almost impossible to find one.

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