Work From Home: 7 Companies Hiring Now

work from home jobsCan you imagine how simple your life would be if you never had to drive to work? If you have the self-discipline to work from home, the right opportunity could help you get back those commute hours and gain some extra time each day to do whatever you want. If you're wondering where you can find such a job in a waning economy, here are seven companies hiring for work from home right now.

1. Alpine Access


Job Title: Customer care professional

This forward thinking company plans to hire 600 new home-based call center representatives in the next three months, each with starting salaries ranging from $8-14 per hour. In addition to these positions, applicants with fluency in English/Spanish, English /Mandarin and English/Cantonese are in great demand. "We look for people who are self-motivated, self-reliant problem solvers who have a strong work ethic," says Remi Killeen, Recruitment Manager at Alpine Access. Besides offering the flexibility to work from home, Alpine Access, a virtual call center, provides healthcare benefits, 401K, and flexible work schedules..



Job Titles: Virtual assistant, professional blogger is a web-based job service designed especially for professional working mothers. Founder and President, Lesley Spencer Pyle, says the two most popular positions fills are professional blogger and virtual assistant. Bloggers write about their employer's company, products, or services, often in response to user inquiries or industry discussion. They use specific "keywords" in their responses to get favorable web search engine rankings. A virtual assistant is a professional office administrative assistant who works from home.

3. oDesk


Job Title: Various professionals

"Our business has three components -- hire, manage and pay," says Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk. Featured on Good Morning America, oDesk lets job seekers apply for contract jobs in categories like customer service, sales/marketing, administrative support, writing, software development, web design, and language translation. Job seekers search listings which include the job requirements, pay and estimated time commitments. oDesk's online software tracks the hours worked to ensure freelancers receive their full earnings on payday. Plus, workers don't have to submit invoices for their contract work, which saves time.

4. National Shopping Service


Job Title: Mystery shopper/researcher

Do you love to shop? Do you like to share your opinion? You can make money doing both. A mystery shopper earns perks or a paycheck for helping companies learn about their products and customer service. Paycheck amounts range from "$5.00 to $25.00 for a fifteen to sixty minute engagement," says Matt Wozniak, President & CEO of National Shopping Service. "The vast majority of mystery shoppers do not mystery shop for a living, although we have had a few earning over $40,000 a year. It's a great way to pick up a free pizza on your way to get the kids from soccer or get some free gasoline."

5. VIPdesk


Job Title: Inside Sales and Customer Service

Equipped with a phone and computer in your own home office, you might be right for seasonal contract work as an inside sales or customer service representative for VIPdesk retail clients. "VIPdesk has been working with a home-based workforce since 1997, and has over 40 clients including Eddie Bauer, Bluefly, Mastercard and Land Rover," says Linda Dickerhoof, Public Relations Director at VIPdesk.

6. Working Solutions


Job Titles: Transcriptionist, customer service representative

Are you a speedy and accurate typist? You could excel in a contract position as a transcriptionist, someone who types down information from a recording, live reading or conversation. Established in 1996, Working Solutions hires independent contract agents for transcription and various customer service assignments. You can earn up to $30 an hour if you have the right skill set and experience. Independent contractors usually receive about $8-14 per hour.



Job Title: Guide (writer) hires people who are experts in a certain area to write about that subject. The requirements include producing four original articles per month and keeping a blog. lists various openings for experts in a variety of topics and invites writers to suggest their own. Men's Fashion and Grooming Guide, Daniel Billett of Seattle, Washington, writes for About and also works from home as a mortgage banker. He's found that covering a topic he loves can have some surprising perks. "I get fan mail and that's really heart-warming," says Billett. The compensation is $675 per month base pay for the first two years. Additional, commission-style pay is given based on the popularity of the articles and blog with the average guide earning $2000 per month while putting in 25 to 30 hours per week. The upside is some guides earn over $100,000 per year.

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